Permanent Hair Removal


My electrolysis treatments guarantee an effective, long-term solution for any unwanted body hair. Versatile and suitable for any parts of the body or facial areas, it’s an innovative method rapidly gaining popularity due to its many benefits and low maintenance.

What to expect

Electrolysis aims to remove unwanted hair from areas of your face or body, as the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. This can give you increased confidence in your body! So how does it work? Electrolysis tackles each hair on an individual basis, sending a current from a metal probe into each individual hair to kill it at its root, stopping any regrowth. Multiple treatments are required to catch each hair in the correct growth phase, and therefore permanently remove hair from the treatment area.

The Benefits

There are many benefits to electrolysis as a hair removal technique, including:

  • Permanent results with enough treatments
  • It is incredibly versatile and can be used for all skin and hair types, including white and blonde hairs
  • You won’t suffer from cuts or damage to the skin, as you do with shaving
  • It is low maintenance with minimal aftercare

Opening Hours


9.20am to 2.30pm & 7-8.30pm

Mornings upon request & 7-8.30pm

Mornings upon request

Price List

  • Up to 10 minutes £12.50
  • 15 minutes £14.50
  • 20 minutes £18.50
  • 30 minutes £22.00

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